Parents/ ouders :                       



 Ned,belg kamp Markylla's Star Pretender HD-A CEA/PRA CLEAR   X          Multi kamp Si-Si's This Indian Summer HD-A CEA/PRA CLEAR      

Inbreeding coefficient total IC (COI): 8,0%

 Ch. Markylla's Magic Star Pretender  Ch. Markylla's Mythological Midas  Ch. Sunsweet Smooth Operation  Baubons Proper Joe
 CH Dalimattas Future Flora
 Ch. Collies of Sealand Darling Damira Smooth  Straightlines Great Passion 
CH Fairlines First Class Callgirl
 Ch. Markylla's Sweet Blue Mary-lou  Ch. Collies of Sealand Don Diabolo Smooth  Straightlines Great Passion 
 CH Fairlines First Class Callgirl
 Ch. Farthing's First Blue Girl  CH Frazer From Foxearth 
 CH Peterblue Lynette 
 Ch. Sisi's This Indian Summer  Ch. Fairlines Saturday Gold  Crossfells The Scoundrel Chicnoir The Rascal From Crossfell 
Chicnoir Fine Romance From Crossfell 
Ch Fairlines My Keen Lady CH Romadale Rotschild
 Glennfields Ginette
Ch. Turella's Anjuli Ch  Sunsweet Smooth Operation Baubons Proper Joe
CH Dalimattas Future Flora
Ch Karenclans Ultra CH Foxearth Freeman
Karenclans Kate Gamona





 De teefjes :  


Dutch,Belg CH Mabinogion Savannah , " Savannah"  Winster 2005  teef /bitch

06-12-2002 28-04-2017

CEA clear PRA clear  HD-A 







Mabinogion Virginia   " kelsey " 

  CEA clear PRA clear     sept 2012  olmost 10 years







Belg Ch Mabinogion Star Of Mississipie   Yought Lux Ch 2004 , Belg Winner 2004  . " katja " ,she lives in the  Markylla kennel 

almost 13 jaar

 CEA clear PRA clear 







International Ch Mabinogion Cincinetie Be Fayden   " Fayden"  Jeugdwiner / Youth Winster 2003 ,Lokerse Winner 2006,Golden Winner 2006 

  13 year and 7 months

 CEA clear PRA clear 

Foto's gemaakt door : Nathascha den Herder 




  de jongens :


Mabinogion Richmond    " joe " 

CEA clear PRA clear 







Mabinogion Dallas   " duke"  

febr2017  14 years and 2 months

CEA clear PRA clear