Parents /ouders :

Ned Ch Zap and It's Done Fantazija ,"Zap" NJK2006   CEA/PRA clear  HD A      x        Dutch ,Belg ,Lux Ch  Mabinogion Guineverre Pendragon NJK  CEA/PRA clear  HD A 

Inbreeding coefficient total IC (COI): 1,7%

 Zap and It's Done Fantazija

Sandcastle's Truth Or Dare  Sandcastle's Trick Or Treat    Raymoor Self Made Man
  Sandcastle's Happy With Hilma 
  Sandcastle'sSkinnydipping   Baubon's Oklahoma Oliwer
  Goldbody's Classy Coctail
Me myself Fantazija   Scandyline Big Black Dream  Dalimattas Big Blue Boss
    Pihatuvan Rebekka
Helmlake Hot Woman  Newarp Dark Crusader at Jesena
  Astrellita Abracadabra for Helmlake
 Mabinogion Guineverre Pendragon NJK  Ch  Eddy vom Ihlpol Ch. Collies Of Sealand Number Six Nice Nepomuk  Ch Straightlines Great Passion 
 Ch Fairlines First Class Callgirl
Ch Scandyline Cinja My Dream  Ch. Sunsweet The Ringmaster
 Ch Dalimattas Dancing Dream
Mabinogion Angel Of Faith  Ch. Markylla's Magic Star Award  Ch. Markylla's My Mysterie Man
 Ch. Markylla's Marianne Blue Star
Ch. Mabinogion Black Hope  Ch. Farthing's Funny Kimo
 Ch. Si-Si's This Indian Summer


the live from Simralin"River"

      7weeks                                          16weeks                                       5mnd                                                8mnd                                 16mnd

8wk                           volw



Just born

1 week old and safe with mom

6,5 Week


9,5 weeks


River 13 weeks with her father Zap






5,5 mnd

7,5 mnd

14 mnd

River and her halfsister Fianna



16 months old       


    as adult

River is a wonderfull mother ,very loving and sweet ,but she also taught them how to behave :-)

she loves puppies always and her own puppies was really wonderfull for her!



warming up before the action sport   (Guineverre,River ,Vilya and Solomon are doing this)

Action is a combination from Agility,obydience and doggydance

the wave

River in nature:-)

River 4 years old