Multi Ch Eddy Vom Ihlpol      CEA/PRA Clear , HD - A            x           Dutch,Int Ch Mabinogion Angel Of Faith    CEA/PRA Clear , HD - A 

Inbreeding coefficient total IC (COI): 9,4%

 Ch  Eddy vom Ihlpol Ch. Collies Of Sealand Number Six Nice Nepomuk   Ch Straightlines Great Passion  CH Fairlines Future Vision
 Fairlines Classic Smooth 
 Ch Fairlines First Class Callgirl  CH Oneways Classic Case
 Cabares Classiqe
 Ch Scandyline Cinja My Dream Ch. Sunsweet The Ringmaster CH Baubons Oklahoma Oliwer
  CH Dalimattas Future Flora
 Ch Dalimattas Dancing Dream  Dalimattas Svarte Fridolf
 Fairlines Future Dream
 Mabinogion Angel Of Faith   Ch. Markylla's Magic Star Award  Ch. Markylla's My Mysterie Man Ch. Sunsweet Smooth Operation
Ch. Collies of Sealand Darling Damira Smooth 
 Ch. Markylla's Marianne Blue Star Ch. Collies of Sealand Number Six Nice Nepomuk
Ch. Farthing's First Blue Girl
Ch. Mabinogion Black Hope   Ch. Farthing's Funny Kimo   Ch. Tanning Hattrick
   Farthing's Funny Girl
 Ch. Si-Si's This Indian Summer   Ch. Fairlines Saturday Gold
  Ch. Turella's Anjuli







the girls


Dutch , Belg ,Lux Ch Mabinogion  Guineverre  Pendragon , Dutch Youth Champion,  bitch/teef  "     Living with us in kennel Mabinogion           

 CEA/PRA clear , HD A ( tested carrier for CEA







Mabinogion Anna Pendragon  " Indy" bitch/teef  

CEA/PRA clear






  Mabinogion Igraine Pendragon "Kiara" bitch/teef  

CEA/PRA clear




the boys


Dutch ,Lux,VDH kampioen en Dts Club-kampioen, International Ch Mabinogion King Arthur Pendragon,NJK, Bundesieger 2008  ,ClubWinner 2011 "King" 


 living in kennel From Hobbitshome  Nederland

CEA/PRA clear , HD A

 available as stud for suitable bitches 






Mabinogion King Lot of Lothian "Pieter" male/reu   olmost 14 years

CEA/PRA clear





               Mabinogion Sir Lancelot of the Lake " Mohan"  male/reu  11,5 years

 CEA/PRA clear, HD A

available as stud for suitable bitches, Offspring1 and offspring 2





 C.I.B* FI & SE & LT & BY CH LVW-07 Mabinogion Sir Galahad , male/reu  "Kalle"   living in kennel  Cinnaberry's  in Finland    13,5 years

CEA/PRA clear,HD A/B and elbows 0/0,( tested non-carrier for CEA

Mental test :135 points,secure to shots

available as stud for suitable bitches , Offspring






Mabinogion King Uther Pendragon "Rohan"   male/reu 

 CEA/PRA clear







some nice photo


King Loth and Guineverre



















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