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 Ch  Eddy vom Ihlpol Ch. Collies Of Sealand Number Six Nice Nepomuk   Ch Straightlines Great Passion  CH Fairlines Future Vision
 Fairlines Classic Smooth 
 Ch Fairlines First Class Callgirl  CH Oneways Classic Case
 Cabares Classiqe
 Ch Scandyline Cinja My Dream Ch. Sunsweet The Ringmaster CH Baubons Oklahoma Oliwer
  CH Dalimattas Future Flora
 Ch Dalimattas Dancing Dream  Dalimattas Svarte Fridolf
 Fairlines Future Dream
 Mabinogion Angel Of Faith   Ch. Markylla's Magic Star Award  Ch. Markylla's My Mysterie Man Ch. Sunsweet Smooth Operation
Ch. Collies of Sealand Darling Damira Smooth 
 Ch. Markylla's Marianne Blue Star Ch. Collies of Sealand Number Six Nice Nepomuk
Ch. Farthing's First Blue Girl
Ch. Mabinogion Black Hope   Ch. Farthing's Funny Kimo   Ch. Tanning Hattrick
   Farthing's Funny Girl
 Ch. Si-Si's This Indian Summer   Ch. Fairlines Saturday Gold
  Ch. Turella's Anjuli



       Guineverre's life         

7 weken                                           14 weken                                                  7 mnd                                                       13mnd                                        2 jaar

7 weken                          7 maanden



few days old  /  paar dagen oud

7 weken /7 weeks


olmost 9 weeks old /bijna 9weken oud

10 wk


4 mnd 


olmost 7 months old /bijna 7 maanden oud

14 mnd


she is a mother of 7 puppies


Guineverre 3jaar

she loves to be a mother and is a really good mother ,she teach them and play with them etc

warming up before the action sport (  Guineverre,River ,Vilya and Solomon are doing this)

Action is a combination from Agility,obydience and doggydance










































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