Dutch , Belg ,Lux Ch Mabinogion  Guineverre  Pendragon   Dutch Youth Champion, Lokerse Winner 2008     12,5 years

      CEA/PRA clear  HD A

 Optigen DNA tested carrier for CEA   






   Dutch Ch Mabinogion Simralin "River"  Dutch Youth Champion , Lokerse Winner 2010 , Beste Nederlandse zelfgefokte korthaar collie 2010 /Best Dutch Homebreed smooth collie 2010    9,5year

     CEA/PRA Clear  HD A  

Optigen DNA tested carrier for CEA  , MDR1-/-    DM N/N   pure for smooth /homozygoot korthaar






 Dutch Ch Mabinogion Elements of Fire  "Sookie"  ,Dutch youth Champion 2014  , (6CAC)  5 year

 CEA/PRA clear  HD A

 MDR1-/-  / DNA  PRA (rcd2) DNA non-carrier . DM N/N ,CEA Carrier  ,pure for smooth /homozygoot korthaar by parentage





Dutch Ch Mabinogion Het Vijfde Element  "Leeloo" Dutch youth Champion 2016  ,BOS in KCM from SmoothCollieFriends 2018, (1 CAC belg) almost 3 years

     CEA/PRA Clear  , HD- A 

 DNA  MDR1-/-     DNA DM N/N  , PRA (rcd2) DNA non-carrier ,CEA Carrier    






Mabinogion Sioux "Wuti"  Dutch youth Champion 2019  , Best puppy WW 2018 (4 CAC)

     CEA/PRA Clear 

 DNA MDR1+/-    ,DNA DM N/N  , PRA (rcd2) DNA non-carrier ,DNA CEA Carrier    














not living with us

  Mabinogion Elements of Air  Jeugdwinster ,Winster 2013  "Aife"   ( 2CAC 's )    ( owner breeder /Co-owned bij Debbie Tibbe )

CEA/PRA clear 

  MDR1-/-    DM N/N   pure for smooth /homozygoot korthaar by parentage





Dutch Ch Törnskogens Esteé Lauder  "Fae "Dutch youth Champion 2015 , import Sweden kennel Törnskogens  

 Owner Vivian  en  Eric Stemerdink

  CEA/PRA clear   HD A  

DNA MDR1-/-    DM N/N , CEA CEA Carrier






     The Past    

First Our Foundationbitch

   Multi CH  Si-Si's This Indian Summer , (imp Denmark)  13 ,8 jaar/year 

 28-02-1996 28-10-2009







 Markylla's Mistrals Daughter ,jeugdlux kamp ,Belg jw   13,8 jaar/year 

 19-04-1997 23-12-2010

CEA/PRA Clear  







      Ned,Belg ,Int CH Mabinogion Black Hope JW en W"99 ,Bundejugendsiegerin"99,eur.siegerin 2002    13 jaar/year

 17-010-1998 08-09-2011







Dutch ,Int CH Mabinogion Angel Of Faith  "Hopkoningin/Queen 2004" Bundesiegerin 2004 ,Best Dutch Homebreed smooth collie2004   9 year

20-11-2002 26-09-2011

  CEA/PRA Clear  HD A 






Ned ,Belg Ch Mabinogion Savannah ,Euro Cup Winster 2005,Winster 2005  Hopkoningin/Queen 2006    14,5 jaar

06-12-2002 28-04-2017

      CEA/PRA Clear  HD A   






Dutch Ch Mabinogion Gold Sapphire  Dutch Youth Champion,   12 jaar


19-04-2005 12-07-2017

     CEA/PRA clear  HD A 

Optigen DNA tested non-carrier for CEA    






Our other pet:

onze Lieve Lady (kruising foxterrier/vlinderhond)

30-06-1992 28-02-2008    bijna 16 jaar





cat Eva 17years old






















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