Multi Ch Shiny Lake's Best Gift Ever  HD - A    CEA/PRA clear   (tested to be n/c)       x         Ned ,Int Ch Mabinogion Angel of Faith  HD - A    CEA/PRA clear

Inbreeding coefficient total IC (COI): 2,6%

Multi Ch Shiny Lake's Best Gift Ever  Sandcastle's Truth Or Dare  Sandcastle's Trick Or Treat    Raymoor Self Made Man
  Sandcastle's Happy With Hilma 
  Sandcastle'sSkinnydipping   Baubon's Oklahoma Oliwer
  Goldbody's Classy Coctail
Smooth Ravishing Gift Of Torrosly Toonie-Loves Smooth Delicious   Raynoor Wait A Tick
Toonie-Loves Smooth Harmony
Smooth Mystery Minx Of Torrosly Don Delaney The Smooth of Torrosly
 Celina The Smooth of Torrosly
Ned,Int Ch  Mabinogion Angel Of Faith    Markylla's Magic Star Award   Markylla's My Mysterie Man  Sunsweet Smooth Operation
Collies of Sealand Darling Damira Smooth 
  Markylla's Marianne Blue Star

 Collies of Sealand Number Six Nice Nepomuk

 Farthing's First Blue Girl
  Mabinogion Black Hope    Farthing's Funny Kimo   Ch. Tanning Hattrick
   Farthing's Funny Girl
   Si-Si's This Indian Summer  . Fairlines Saturday Gold
  Ch. Turella's Anjuli


The Farseer is about the books from Robin Hobb, So all the names are coming from these books, olso one of my favorites books!

De boeken van de zieners van Robin Hobb is het thema van dit nest ,alle namen komen van deze boeken,ze zijn tevens een van mijn favoriete boeken !






Ned Ch Mabinogion Patience  "Joanne" Beneluxwinner 2014  teefje/Bitch

   CEA/PRA Clear 






Mabinogion  Charity   "Yenthe"  teefje/Bitch

 CEA/PRA Clear 







Mabinogion Verity "Skafti"  reu/male  Lives in Belgium   (snowphoto's 7 years )

  HD A ,CEA/PRA Clear 




























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