Dutch Ch Zap and It's Done Fantazija   NJK2006    HD -A CEA/PRA clear    x    Ned ,Int Ch Mabinogion Angel of Faith  HD - A    CEA/PRA clear

Inbreeding coefficient total IC (COI): 2,4%

 Zap and It's Done Fantazija  Sandcastle's Truth Or Dare  Sandcastle's Trick Or Treat    Raymoor Self Made Man
  Sandcastle's Happy With Hilma 
  Sandcastle'sSkinnydipping   Baubon's Oklahoma Oliwer
  Goldbody's Classy Coctail
 Me myself Fantazija  Scandyline Big Black Dream  Dalimattas Big Blue Boss
  Pihatuvan Rebekka
 Helmlake Hot Woman   Newarp Dark Crusader at Jesena
 Astrellita Abracadabra for Helmlake
 Mabinogion Angel Of Faith    Markylla's Magic Star Award   Markylla's My Mysterie Man  Sunsweet Smooth Operation
Collies of Sealand Darling Damira Smooth 
  Markylla's Marianne Blue Star

 Collies of Sealand Number Six Nice Nepomuk

 Farthing's First Blue Girl
. Mabinogion Black Hope    Farthing's Funny Kimo   Ch. Tanning Hattrick
   Farthing's Funny Girl
 . Si-Si's This Indian Summer  . Fairlines Saturday Gold
  Ch. Turella's Anjuli







the Girls:


Estonia Ch Mabinogion Lúthien Tinúviel "Freyja "MH test,Secure to shots"  live in kennel    in Sweden  olmost 11,5years

CEA/PRA Clear  HD A 






Mabinogion Arwen Undómiel "Lilly" ,German jugend champion ,Jugendsiegerin 2008 live in kennel "vom Kleinen Sonnenberg"  in germany

  CEA/PRA Clear






Mabinogion Galadriel Lady of Light "Floortje"       26-11-2011

 CEA Clear li ,Col,re/PRA Clear






Ned Ch Mabinogion Celebrian of  Lórien " Fianna" ,Nederlands Jeugd Kampioen/Dutch Yought Champion        22-12-2017   10,9 jaar

 CEA/PRA Clear     HD A 






Mabinogion Idril Celebrindal " Sofie"             





the Boys:


Mabinogion Elrond of Rivendel " Arran"    almost 10 years

 CEA/PRA Clear  HD A    






Mabinogion Legolas Greenleave "Leo"  live in germany     

  CEA/PRA Clear
























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