Ned Ch Mabinogion Elements of Fire  , NJK 2014 "Sookie"   ( 5x CAC,1x CACIB       x            Ned Ch Mabinogion Vilya Ring of Air  "Vilya" 

CEA/PRA clear  HD A                                              CEA/PRA clear   HD A      

                                                                                 MDR1-/-  / DNA  PRA (rcd2) DNA non-carrier .DM N/N ,CEA Carrier                                DNA  PRA (rcd2) DNA non-carrier .DM N/N                                                                                          

COI 1.2%  AVK 83.33% (6 gen.)

 Ch Mabinogion Vilya Ring of Air  

  Ch Timonan Jonny joker  Ch Tanning Epsom     Ch. Fairlines Last Minute
   Baubon's Proud Pamela
 Ch   Timonan's Fiery Fiona    Ch. Sunsweet The Ringmaster
   Ch. Maxmila's Catriona
 Ch Mabinogion Savannah  Ch. Markylla's Magic Star Pretender  Ch. Markylla's Mythological Midas
 Ch. Markylla's Sweet Blue Mary-Lou
 Ch Si-si's This Indian Summer  Ch. Fairlines Saturday Gold
 Ch. Turella's Anjuli
 Mabinogion Elements of Fire Ch Törnskogens Oscar De La Renta  Turning Leaf’s Toad’s Wild Ride  Ch Fairlines Alias Mr Walker
 Ch  Cinnaberry’s Hungry Heart
Dandinas Quite A Girl   Ch Dandinas Top Trick
 Ch Dandinas Dreams’N Wishes
Ch Mabinogion Simralin Ch Zap and It's Done Fantazija   Ch Sandcastle's Truth Or Dare
  Me myself Fantazija
  Ch Mabinogion Guineverre Pendragon NJK   Ch  Eddy vom Ihlpol
 Ch Mabinogion Angel Of Faith 



Familyphoto :-)





Sookie give birth to her daughter Leeloo :)









Dutch Ch Mabinogion Het Vijfde Element "Leeloo"  Nederlands Jeugd Kampioen 2016, BOS in KCM from SmoothCollieFriends 2018

     CEA/PRA Clear,

DNA/  MDR1-/-    DM N/N  , PRA (rcd2) DNA non-carrier ,CEA Carrier



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